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US-2013143036-A1: Roofing tile with enhanced surface durability and processes for manufacturing the rooling tile patent, US-2014205632-A1: Down regulation of the gene expression by means of nucleic acid-loaded virus-like particles patent, US-2010256353-A1: Use of type c and d feruloyl esterases in the manufacture of biofuels patent, US-6179052-B1: Digital-hydraulic well control system patent, US-2012141605-A1: Pyrazoloanthrone and derivatives thereof for treatment of cancer and excess androgen states patent, US-2010153791-A1: Managing by one process state of another process to facilitate handling of error conditions patent, US-2011153723-A1: Systems and methods for managing dynamic proximity in multi-core gslb appliance patent, US-2011257120-A1: Beta-l-2'-deoxy-nucleosides for the treatment of hepatitis b patent, US-2013259408-A1: Incrementally-Stretched Thermoplastic Films With Enhanced Look and Feel and Methods for Making The Same patent, US-2013338089-A1: Methods and compounds for modulating the secretion or expression of adhesion proteins or angiopoietins of cells patent, US-2010048640-A1: Hydrazide compound and harmful arthropod-controlling agent containing the same patent, US-2010107962-A1: Sterilisation indicator patent, US-2010057462-A1: Speech Recognition patent, US-2010199016-A1: Device for wirless transmission of digital information patent, US-2013098110-A1: Glass molding system and related apparatus and method patent, US-2011108309-A1: Dielectric material with non-halogenated curing agent patent, US-2010306074-A1: System and method to support codec delivery models for ims networks patent, US-2010217231-A1: Device for administering an at least two-component substance patent, US-2010185541-A1: Network service for modularly constructing a software defined radio patent, US-2011129973-A1: Nonvolatile memory device using semiconductor nanocrystals and method of forming same patent, US-2011005814-A1: Circuit board via structure and method forming the same patent, US-2011076416-A1: Method of making porous materials and porous materials prepared thereof patent, US-2011100690-A1: Electrically conductive body and printed wiring board and method of making the same patent, US-2010252428-A1: Heterogeneous membrane electrodes patent, US-2010216160-A1: Method for the screening proteasome of activity-modulating agents and means for carryiing out said method patent, US-2011294787-A1: Substituted thiomorpholine derivatives patent, US-2012115826-A2: Derivatives of 4-(2-Amino-1-Hydroxyethyl) Phenol as Agonists of the Beta2 AdrenergicReceptor patent, US-2012157360-A1: Ionic liquids having higher viscosity patent, US-2012316701-A1: Spherical infrared robotic vehicle patent, US-2013234203-A1: Semiconductor Devices and Methods of Manufacture Thereof patent, US-2014017584-A1: Module level redundancy for fuel cell systems patent, US-2014303161-A1: Tyrosine kinase inhibitors patent, US-2010266727-A1: Stabilisation of dried biological material patent, US-2012029093-A1: System and method for recycling surfactant in emulsion production patent, US-2012149097-A1: Nonviral vectors for delivering polynucleotides to target tissue patent, US-2013037072-A1: Solar energy collector system patent, US-2013107485-A1: Interconnect structures and methods of making the same patent, US-2011030075-A1: Methods and Compositions Capable of Causing Post-Transcriptional Silencing of Gene Expression in a Synergic Manner patent, US-2011305064-A1: Interface control for improved switching in rram patent, US-2012015962-A1: PYRAZOLO[1,5a]PYRIMIDINE DERIVATIVES AS IRAK4 MODULATORS patent, US-2011047660-A1: Compositions and related methods for modulating alkaloid production by controlling pmt promoter activation mediated by transcriptional factors erf and myc patent, US-2012022060-A1: Tricyclic Azaindoles patent, US-2012130021-A1: Non-precious metal-containing 2,8-bis(imino)quinoline complexes and their use as hydrosilylation catalysts patent, US-2012138540-A1: Hydrodynamic filter, filtering apparatus including the same, and filtering method using the hydrodynamic filter patent, US-2013026592-A1: Focal plane array and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2013157864-A1: Low temperature resistor for superconductor circuits patent, US-2014117329-A1: Amine-based compound and organic light emitting device including the same patent, US-2011304845-A1: Particle measurement systems and methods patent, US-2012208085-A1: Vinylidene Fluoride Polymer Powder and Vinylidene Fluoride Polymer Solution patent, US-2012241901-A1: Package interconnects patent, US-2012238762-A1: Azole derivatives and methods for producing the same, intermediate compounds for the derivatives and methods for producing the same, and agro-horticultural agents and industrial material protecting agents containing the derivatives patent, US-2014030737-A1: Image analysis and measurement of biological samples patent, US-2011146312-A1: Refrigerator patent, US-2012228219-A1: Spiral wound membrane element and treatment of sagd produced water or other high temperature alkaline fluids patent, US-2013064858-A1: Polysaccharide suitable to modulate immune response patent, US-2010295049-A1: Tft-lcd array substrate and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2011247523-A1: Organic-inorganic composite particles, particle dispersion, particle-dispersed resin composition, and method for producing organic-inorganic composite particles patent, US-2012098028-A1: Photoelectric conversion element and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2012248030-A1: Curable Compositions And Membranes patent, US-2014237940-A1: Method and device for manufacturing ultralight cardboard structures having substantial mechanical stability patent, US-2012220502-A1: Compositions comprising alkylalkoxysulfonates for the production of high temperature stable foams patent, US-2012303862-A1: Caching data in a storage system having multiple caches including non-volatile storage cache in a sequential access storage device patent, US-2012328808-A1: Multilayer structures containing biopolymers patent, US-2010115190-A1: System and method for processing read request patent, US-2010303958-A1: Methods for Casein Production patent, US-2010312957-A1: Translation look-aside buffer with a tag memory and method therefor patent, US-2011299371-A1: Optical disk device, optical disk control method, and integrated circuit patent, US-2012190592-A1: method and system for removing organic deposits patent, US-2010094864-A1: Data storage and fusion layer patent, US-2010151372-A1: Toner for developing electrostatic latent image and method of preparing the same patent, US-2010273968-A1: Addition reaction to fluoroallylfluorosulfate patent, US-2013054135-A1: Electronic cartage application patent, US-2010147893-A1: Easy shift dual-mode pistol-grip grease gun patent, US-2012233127-A1: Method and System for Unified Information Representation and Applications Thereof patent, US-2014154743-A1: Methods and materials for enhancing functional protein expression in bacteria patent, US-2011052885-A1: Water soluble azo compound or salt thereof, ink composition and colored body patent, US-2013020636-A1: High Voltage Device and Manufacturing Method Thereof patent, US-2011187964-A1: Liquid crystal panel module, backlight module and liquid crystal display patent, US-2010198598-A1: Speaker Recognition in a Speech Recognition System patent, US-2010096419-A1: Child carriers and methods for protecting a young child patent, US-2010249113-A1: Modulators of atp binding cassette transporters patent, US-2013270655-A1: Semiconductor devices having fin structures, and methods of forming semiconductor devices having fin structures patent, US-2011002952-A1: FUSED HETEROARYL MODULATORS OF GLUCOCORTICOID RECEPTOR, AP-1, AND/OR NF-kappaB ACTIVITY AND USE THEREOF patent, US-2013296305-A1: Tricyclic pyrrolo derivatives, process for their preparation and their use as kinase inhibitors patent, US-2012046173-A1: Process for preparing paste-extruded sulfonamide compositions patent, US-2013337137-A1: Animal feed additive patent, US-2014312282-A1: Battery binder patent, US-2012164201-A1: Method of using colloidal silver and gold anti-microbial items to create clean zones therewith patent, US-2013029269-A1: Positive resist composition and pattterning process patent, US-2013157879-A1: Biomarker dact1 for gastric cancer patent, US-2014031456-A1: Process for the preparation of modified poly(alkylene terephthalate) employing an in-situ titanium-containing catalyst and compositions derived therefrom patent, US-2012083423-A1: Biomarkers, Methods and Kits for the Diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis patent, US-2011080355-A1: Touch Screen Devices Employing Nanostructure Networks patent, US-2012171747-A1: Signal amplification microspheres, their use in one-step and multi-step analytical amplification procedures and methods for their production patent, US-2011238888-A1: Providing versioning in a storage device patent, US-2010164001-A1: Implant process for blocked salicide poly resistor and structures formed thereby patent, US-2013245308-A1: Catalyst for Producing Acrylic Acids and Acrylates patent, US-2012294945-A1: Drug delivery system using hyaluronic acid-peptide conjugate micelle patent, US-2010080862-A1: Compositions and foods for improving lipid metabolism patent, US-2010136347-A1: Two component solventless polyurethane laminating adhesives based on 1,4:3,6 dianhydrohexitols patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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